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Harant 2014 – “Unleashed”
$10.00 (Including Shipping)- Physical CD

Harant’s first instrumental guitar album, Rock that will quiver your core! Demonstrating superb musicianship through crunchy, hard rocking riffs and melodies, Mind-blowing guitar skills rip through your speakers and showcase a unique sound that creates a world for the many different colours in music. “Unleashed” débuts the evolution of some of Harant’s first compositions to the proud tracks that you hear today. The record inspires a very cool, breathtaking instrumentation that is noted to be very soulful and passionate yet powerful and gutsy. Derek Sherinian’s blazing keyboard notes resulted in a fascinatingly harmonious collaboration on each track. Unleashed induces a very gratifying and enriching experience with the right dose of techniques, length and delivery.
An experience filled, with strong elements of hard rock, chops that will leave you screaming for more.



“Not only is the guitar playing exceptional, all the musical performances are full of incredible chops. Certainly musicians will find a lot to emulate on this release.” GARY HILL – Writer

“Unleashed is a tour de force of modern guitar techniques and styles.” MATTHEW WARNOCK – Chief for Guitar International Magazine

“Beautiful album, his eight compositions do not tire, distinguished not only for the solos, but also the expressiveness of composer, sure does not only interest guitarists.” FLIGHT OF PEGASUS – Metal radio

“Audio buffs looking for a solid sonic thrill, will want to check out the electrifying, futuristic guitar fusion artistry in play on.” ROBERT SILVERSTEIN – MWE3 Magazine Chie

“This level of musicianship and patience with his compositions makes the guitarist stand out from his peers, and is one of the main reasons that the album as a whole is so successful.” MATTHEW WARNOCK – Director of Guitar Studies at Western Illinois University